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De las cenizas del desastre …

  • May 13, 2015

La charla de anoche fue un desastre total. Violé todos mis principios de hablar en público: 1. Preparación 2. No depender de la tecnología 3. Si es indispensable usar la tecnología, tener un “Plan B”. La verdad es que sí, me preparé. Mi discurso dependía, completamente, en el prólogo de ocho minutos de una película que hicimos mi hijo y yo para El Canal de la Salud Mental.  Cuando llegué a Pollman Hall en el Templo Emanuel, vi el logotipo del Canal de la Salud Mental en la pantalla y pensé, “Excelente, ya han visto esto, puedo relajarme.” La Rabino Debra Robbins me pidió escribir un par de preguntas fáciles para facilitar la sección de Preguntas y Respuestas después de la charla. Sin duda, sintiendo los efectos de la cafeína y pensándome invencible, pensé “Odio las preguntas fáciles”.  De hecho, estoy orgullosa de mi capacidad de responder en el escenario.  Sin embargo, anoche se me olvidó que mi capacidad de...


Celebración de la Publicación del Libro Decidí Vivir de la Autora, Julie K. Hersh

  • October 09, 2014

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Hersh Foundation presentará una celebración del lanzamiento del libro, Decidí Vivir el martes, 28 de octubre a las 6:30 p. m. en el Dallas Children’s Theater - Rosewood Center for Family Arts, ubicado en 5938 Skillman Street. En una colaboración cultural única para Dallas, Texas, cuatro familias de tres países diferentes han trabajado juntas para llevar una historia de esperanza a aquellos que sufren de depresión. “después de todo el duro trabajo realizado por Jorge, Emilio, Mónica y Ramir, The Hersh Foundation quiere que Decidí Vivir tenga un impacto en tantas vidas como sea posible” El residente de Dallas y nativo de Chile, Andrés Correa, escuchó a la autora de Struck by Living, Julie Hersh, hablar en KERA cuando Hersh originalmente lanzó su libro en 2010. Struck by Living traza el viaje de Hersh por la depresión y la recuperación que comienza con la terapia electroconvulsiva (electroconvulsive therapy, ECT). Sabiendo que su madre sufría de depresión, Andrés le recomendó...


New Milestones “Defying Depression” Talk at JCC Austin

  • October 04, 2014

I knew it was going to be a magical day when Susan Sager from New Milestones Foundation handed me a handful of silver hearts. "These are milagros," she said, "do you know what this means?" Miracles. I knew the answer to that. If nothing else, the translation of Decidí Vivir has taught me to believe in miracles. Susan explained that the hearts are pockmarked and irregular to symbolize that we are loved even with our imperfections. Susan Sager from New Milestones Foundation That day I needed a few miracles. On the plane to Austin, I realized I'd left my speech on the counter in Dallas. That's okay I assured myself, you have it on your IPad. After Val Newberg's kind and generous introduction, I took the stage. My IPad flickered, sputtered, then went blank. Sometimes I get the message loud and clear and this was one of those times. Put away your notes. Speak from the heart. Luckily my cousin support group was there in full force (David Levy, Arielle Levy, Rebecca Levy, Cheryl Levy and Brooke Hersh-Thompson). David agreed to hold my little Nikon camera to record my speech so we could provide the link...


GISD talk with TeenCONTACT on September 23

  • September 24, 2014

photo sent by Andreina Lira - thank you Andreina! I had the extreme priviledge yesterday to speak with TeenCONTACT to about 600 middle and high school students from the Garland ISD about suicide prevention and brain health. Spoke with GISD parents in the evening on a panel - about 80 parents showed for that. Honored to be on the stage with Brent Blackburn from EYL. Brent told the heartbreaking story about the loss of his brother to suicide - with a strong message - "Leadership is less about what you say and more about what you do." I followed Brent, shared my story and talked about brain health protection. Favorite part, as always, the Q&A. Sample of questions: - do you still suffer from depression? YES, but I consciously manage my behavior to self correct if my depression seems to be growing past just being sad. - how do you manage it? talked about being the scientest of my own behavior. I try to study my own moods and figure out patterns. If I'm illogically sad on a consistent day, I try to figure out if I am doing something that triggers the problem. For example i shared the...


Talk at Garland ISD Today, September 23

  • September 23, 2014

Talking with Garland ISD today in the morning to middle school and high schoolers and tonight for parents. I won't have a long speaking time, but want to list my Top Ten for wellness that I use when I speak at The Unversity of Notre Dame and other college campuses. This top ten list began as a Psychology Today blog that's received over 13,000 hits, and has been refined as I gain more information from my own research and exposure from talks with students. Uniformly when I speak to college counseling centers I am told - "This needs to reach students BEFORE they come to college. By the time they reach college, habits are set and hard to change." Thank you Garland ISD for teaching students early and giving them the knowledge they need to maintain their mental health. I'm listing it again here to make it easy for Garland ISD parents and students to find! Top Ten for Mental Health Brain Protection for College Students Julie Kosnik Hersh Mental illness, like many diseases, is prime a example of “what comes first?” Do genetics cause mental illness or does the environment breed it? The answer is...


Robin Williams - Can we Stay Focused on Mental Health?

  • August 15, 2014

Robin Williams - can we stay focused? Whenever a major celebity or notable figure dies by suicide, heck whenever friends I know hear about a suicide, I can always expect a phone call or two from people encouraging me to keep up with my work. This week, there were tons of phone calls. Robin Williams touched the lives of so many - touched my life as well. I'm old enough to remember "Mork and Mindy," so my joy from Robin Williams goes way back. What a talent. What an incredible man. I'm so sad that he's gone for our sakes, and also for the sake of his family. Knowing what he battled, I am glad that he brilliantly battled for so long. In one of the interviews I did this week, a person asked if I thought stories like Robin Williams will make a difference. They do, but my concern is the focus is in the wrong place if we ever want to get ahead of the disease. I've seen this happen too many times. Someone who supposedly "has it all" dies by suicide and everyone is upset for 24 hours, 48 hours or maybe a week. We...




ECT (Terapia Electro Convulsiva) es algo de lo que no se habla suficientemente. Siga adelante, mujer valiente.

Sana L. Johnson-Quijada
Sana L. Johnson-Quijada, MD, USC and MSC, Medical Director
Acerca de Decidí Vivir

En Decidí Vivir, Julie Hersh discute la ironía de su vida con humor y honestidad brutal. A pesar de tener un esposo amoroso, hijos sanos, seguridad financiera, Julie intento suicidarse en tres ocasiones. Con la ayuda de la terapia electroconvulsiva, Julie logró vencer este desorden. Ahora Julie, ya sana, promueve la importancia the la salud mental en colaboración con otro artistas y organizaciones.

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